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Sliding door of China ten big brands Door window industry more than 10 years
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120 内外平双断桥隐排窗纱一体平开窗
Model:120 内外平双断桥隐排窗纱一体平开窗
Consult UsTel:18088831876
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We are ready to the policies of 10, only waiting for you to easily come to the table!
Brand International standard VI image recognition system, the domestic first-class SI store image system, the best-selling brand of the industry。
Advertising By well-known marketing planning company operation, many media cooperation promotion, brand awareness is high, the radial force is strong.
Platform Domestic top brand mall in platform partners, can help the franchisees to the most excellent store location.
Stores Specialty construction global supervision, and strive to make strong the terminal brand image.
Management The brand chain operation management mode, can the profit pattern of replication, reduce the risk of franchisees。
Promotional For franchisees full exclusive promotion plan. Implement regional protection and exclusive franchise, prevent and control the transregional mechanism.
Development Yujing doors in design is a blend of Chinese and foreign design style make consumers to experience the convenience and personalized custom Windows and doors.
Quality The company through the international ISO9001:2008 quality certification, and the most influential brand won the honor。
Service Logistics department mature logistics system and emergency response mechanism, full worry-free after-sales service provide customers with the gold medal.
Training Perfect training system, each year more than 10 issue of the dealer training make franchisees master marketing knowledge, help to expand the terminal market.