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Sliding door of China ten big brands Door window industry more than 10 years
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  • The research of material selection Choose Chinese famous brand aluminum - xinhe aluminum manufacturing, aerospace aluminum, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance for the common aluminum 10 times.
  • Changing shape Yujing Doors and Windows 200 kinds existing products, products with complete coverage, allowing you to enjoy one-stop solution!
  • Design of the powerful styleYujing Equipped with a through the design of the European and American professional training design research and development team.
  • Safe and efficient deliveryeriod is short, fast delivery, usually 7 to 15 days can deliver goods, and the company have order query system, convenient for you to check the delivery status at any time
  • High quality imported hardwareYujing Doors and Windows to do your best, unified adopts imported hardware. Quality guaranteed!
  • 01Accurate brand positioningWith international quality as the goal, through independent innovation, to create products that meet the modern needs.
  • 02Professional brand marketing team to assistProfessional marketing experts, to ensure product marketable and professional training, to ensure that the terminal benign development.
  • 03The technology of the bestImported high quality hardware, strives for perfection the art of processing, advanced and complete manufacturing system.
  • 04Distinctive design philosophyProfessional design team innovation design style, lead the new trend of the industry, to create a unique personality of fashion products.
  • 05Perfect customer service systemThrough the reasonable strategy, make sure the manufacturer, consumers and distributors in harmony, mutual benefit and win-win results.
  • 06Through the ISO9001 quality system certificationProducts through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and all pass strict inspection before delivery.
  • 07Can be replicated terminal profit modelThe terminal to achieve corporate management mode, reduce the dealer investment risks and costs.
  • 08High efficiency and fast logistics operationsCover the global marketing network and professional mature logistics management system, to ensure the end products of supply and demand balance.
  • BrandInternational standard VI image recognition system, the domestic first-class SI store image system.
  • AdvertisingBy well-known marketing planning company operation, many media cooperation promotion.
  • PlatformDomestic top brand mall in platform partners, can help the franchisees to the most excellent store location.
  • StoresSpecialty construction global supervision, and strive to make strong the terminal brand image.
  • ManagementThe brand chain operation management mode, can the profit pattern of replication.
  • PromotionalFor franchisees full exclusive promotion plan. Implement regional protection and exclusive franchise.
  • DevelopmentYujing products on the design blend of Chinese make consumers to custom Windows and doors.
  • QualityThe company through the international ISO9001:2008 quality certification, and influential brand won the honor.
  • ServiceLogistics department mature logistics system and emergency response mechanism, full the gold medal.
  • TrainingPerfect training system, each year more than 10 issue of the dealer training make franchisees.
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Foshan Yujing Windows and doors co., LTD
Foshan Yujing Windows and doors co., LTD., founded in 2003,Foshan Yujing Windows and doors co., LTD., Is China's earliest committed to the development of high-end aluminum alloy doors and Windows, sun room, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows customization enterprise, integrating research.